Color of stars.

you can figure out how hot a star is by seeing its color.
Red is coldest
Yellow is medium.
Blue is hot.

Life of stars

A star starts as a nebula.
Next it starts as a normal star if it is medium its the size of the sun.

Next it starts to get bigger at its biggest state it is known as a red giant.

Next a planetary nebula happens

Next if its small it turns into a white dwarf if its bigger it turns into a neutron star if it is huge it turns into a black hole.

Last it explodes as a supurnova!

this takes millions of years

Black holes neutron stars and white dwarfs.

black holes

at the core of a black hole time stops and the laws of physics no longer apply

neutron stars

A neutron star spins so fast it completes a spin every second!

white dwarfs

A white dwarf is so heavy a square inch of one weighs the same as a four x four car!

Our Solar System

Forming of the Solar System

Before the Solar System existed it was a lot of gas and dust, the stuff clumped together and became the Sun, the planets were formed by the leftover bits clumping together


Mercury is not the hottest planet even though it is the nearest to the Sun


Venus is the hottest planet of all. we have not ever seen one of the sides. its average tempature is a sisling 860 °F 460°C!


Earth is the only planet we khow about that has life you need energy liquid water and raw materials


Mars is nearer to earth then Venus, it has two moons Phobos and Deimos.


Jupiter has the most moons we know of Than any other planet, it has at least 67 moons! it is also the biggest planet, 89000 miles wide 143000 kilometers!


Saturn can float. Its moon titan has an atmosthere it might have life it even could have life on another moon called enceladus


Uranus is tilted on its side.


Neptune has a mysterious heat source because it isnt the coldest planet.


pluto is not a planet, it even has a bigger thing called eris if you travel further.


Types of galaxies

There are three types of galaxies spiral,eliptical and irregular.

Parts of the milkey way.

The milkey way is our home galaexy.

In the middle of a galaxy there stands a black hole. Everything orbits around it. If it moves the galaxy moves. Orbiting around it is its arms one of the Milkey Ways arms is the Orion arm, it is the one with the Solar System in it.

unknown things in astronomy

how old is the uiniverse?

how big is the uiniverse?

how did the big bang happen?

What is dark matter?

how did galaxies form?

how common are black holes?

are we alone?

will astroids threaten the earth?

is water needed for life?

what happens when black holes collide?

what created saturns rings

is there multiple uiniverses?

did comets bring life to earth?



The path that something takes as it goes around an object, it its basicly like falling and missing the object.


The biggest explosion in the universe! It is what happens when a star dies.