the defeat of enemies


Ryan wanted to move into a house.
the house was perfectly clean
he liked the house so much he
would buy it for extra money.
he bought it late because
his kids needed to do homework.
when he bought the house he immediately needed
to go to sleep but he had no bed
in the middle of the night he saw
a crook about to explode a bomb!
he caught the criminal and sent him to the police
it was their 100th criminal. he did,t know it
but the police was an enemy.
the police started an army out of criminals.
Luckily the family was able to escape on a ship

the planet

on the rocket they went into a asteroid field
they crashed into a alien planet!
they went exploring but got lost!
they tried to find the ship but went into a
alien city there were no houses
only skyscrapers the alien and
humans made a peace treaty
he was wandering around
the city when he saw a
monster he ran away
but the first step he took he fell into a 2 mile deep sinkhole!
luckily water was poured
as someone fought the monster