Black Holes

Black Holes are formed when huge stars explode in the biggest explosion in the universe, a supernova.

The huge stars become not hot enough to fuse iron which it just fused. During the explosion, in split seconds it fuses uranium from three iron atoms

but after the explosion gravity takes over and makes the star into a tiny core

and even then it gets smaller, soon it becomes infinitly small, so it becomes so strong, light, which moves 299,792 kilometers a second cannot escape!


The planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Sautern, Uranus and Neptune


Mercury is the smallest planet and some moons are bigger then it. Mercury has no moons and from someone on it the sun would swap directions at around noon.


Venus has a carbon dioxide atmosphere and you cannot breathe in it. it is also so heavy it would crush you before you would need to breathe.


our home! you know about it already


Mars has two moons Phobos and Demios. it also has the tallest mountain and water is locked underground.


Jupiter has plenty of moons and is not solid. it is gas!


Satern has numurous moons and has buitiful rings. some of the chuncks making the rings are the size of your house!


Uranus is a gas giant with many moons. it is light blue


almost the same as Uranus but dark blue instead