here is all the particles

you may be wondering what this is. if you are not, you have pretty good previous backround and, should see our section on astronomy


this is the standard model of particle physics that lists all the particles. on your upper-right you will see "higgs"


higgs(or higgs boson preferabaly) is a newly discovered particle that causes mass. mass makes it harder to push something in empty space, so friction will not apply. it adds mass to the object, as a wave(actually all particles are ripples in a feild)

Gauge Bosons

next to it, in red, is the Gauge Bosons. these carry forces. forces like electromagnetism, the force that links electricity and magnetism. the four forces are gravity, electromagnetism, the weak nucular force, and the strong nuclear force.


in purple is the quarks. these are parts of the nucleus of atoms, which are parts of atoms, which are part of bigger things and so on. up and down are most common which you can see the number one is on top of it. then charm and strange, with a 2 on top. then top and bottom, with the 3


these teleport around the nuculeus and are set in it by commonness too. the electron and electron neutrino are the first most common and so on

and so we end our tour of the standard model.